Friday, May 20, 2011


So even with a 1.4 lbs loss I'm still up .6 lbs from when I last wrote.  

Thanksgiving week wasn't a pretty sight.  I was up 1.8 lbs and I wore the lightest possible clothing I could find - which meant I almost froze to death at the meeting.   I forced myself to stay for that meeting.  I was so dis-heartened that I really thought I was going to cry.  And it made it worse with all the happy little bitches going in there with 2 and more pound losses.  


Last week I really meant to get my butt up doing my walking DVDs, but with crap from Angels room still all over the living room, the Christmas tree and 2 clothes baskets in the way, there just hasn't been room.  I will be making some progress on that mess today.  Right now it's just nice to be vegging.

 Freezing Cold Brrrrr its cold outside!


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