Thursday, May 19, 2011


+1.2 lbs

Yup, that was a pretty crappy weigh in tonight. I'm obviously not too upset about it. I had a really bad week and I can't even blame PMS!!! I was having a horrid craving for something, but I couldn't figure out what. So basically, I ate everything. Even when I'd just finished and was full, I still wanted that elusive something. I think I have decided that I really wanted a HUGE, thick, gooey, chewy, melty, chocolate peanut butter brownie. Even tho the mere thought of it makes my teeth hurt. I need to figure out a safe alternative before I get myself in trouble again.

Oh yeah, the nice, greasy double cheeseburger & onion rings from BK last night didn't help any. Or the Girl Scout cookies. Or not journalling.

Pig 2me

So anyway, I know what all I did wrong and what I should have been doing. But I didn't and I paid the price. Starting tomorrow I'll get back on track and hopefully next week I'll have good news!

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