Friday, May 20, 2011


+3.0 lbs tonight

This just really sucks.  I just don't seem to be caring like I should.  During the day, I am totally on plan.  In the morning, I mix up a smoothie with the WW smoothie mix, maybe 2 ounces of skim milk and some frozen fruit (I count it as 2 pts).  Later on in the morning I have my oatmeal, with either cinnamon or vanilla extract in it.  I have a Coke Zero in the morning, too.  But that's 0 pts.  Today I had 2 WW bars at different times, a 4 pt Smart One, a 1pt yogurt and a 1 pt sandwich thin at lunch.  Then I had an orange and an apple.   So that comes to 14 points already.  Which is fine.  2 meals & a bunch of snacks.  Once I get home is what kills me.  I feel like I just need to graze all evening and it's SO hard to control myself. 

This past weekend didn't help.  I went to a wedding Saturday and dinner was served, so at least my portions were controlled.  But then I don't even know how many Bud Light's I had.  2 points a pop right there.  Then we took Mom out to breakfast for Mother's Day Sunday at Big Boy.  The breakfast bar destroyed me.  Cheesy scrambled eggs, hash browns, biscuits & gravy, bacon and oh yeah, a small plate of fruit.   At least I didn't force myself to eat the stuff that didn't taste good.  The sausage patties were downright nasty & I didn't like the quiche thing, what ever it was.  It had peppers & peas I don't know what else.  PASS!  The green peppers drowned out the taste of everything else anyway.

So what can I do?  I am going to refresh my memory of the filling foods & make my grocery list while I'm looking at it.   I need to get myself back on the message boards, since I've been skipping so many meetings.  I need to blog more often, since it keeps me accountable, being able to see exactly what it is that I'm doing right and/or wrong.  I've started following David Kirchhoff's blog - he's the CEO of Weight Watcher's International & he doesn't blog as the CEO, but as a member.  He's actually pretty funny, so it's neat to read.

It was funny that I was going to do a quick 27 fling boogie in the girl's room last night, so I changed out of work clothes and put on sweats.  As I was putting on my tennies (NOT gonna go in her room barefoot - eew!), Jack got all excited - he thought we were going for a walk.  So I did 20 minutes in her room and took out a full garbage bag to the dumpster.  Then I took him for a walk around the park.  Win/win !!

I'll be back to update as the week goes on.

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