Thursday, May 19, 2011


+1.4 lbs

Boooo! This is my first gain since I've started the program. I'm not happy about it - but it's my own damn fault. I've gotten too complascent with not making good food choices. And it doesn't help that I intentionally haven't gone grocery shopping in the past week or so. We're leaving Sunday for Arkansas and I don't want food to go bad while we're gone. So all the good stuff ran out!

So it's going to take 2 days to get down there and 2 to get home - we'll probably be stopping at someplace like Cracker Barrel to eat both breakfast & dinner. I'll have to check the menu online, but I'm sure I can make some decent choices. While we're actually there is a different story. We're staying at his Mom's and I don't really know how she will react to someone in her kitchen - I know some people don't like guests in their kitchen. And I KNOW she won't have anything "light" or "low" in anything. So I hope she's not offended if we get some groceries while we're there.

Then there will be dinner at the Fishnest - which I think all they serve is deep fried catfish, fries & hushpuppies. A 6 oz fillet of catfish is 6 points without the breading - so that's going to be a high-point night. Then probably the Outback - but I should be able to do fine there.

So anyway - off to fix dinner!

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