Friday, May 20, 2011


-0.8 lbs

Woohoo!  Glad to see a minus sign there.

I'm turning over a new leaf - I've gone back on the WW message boards (i've been MIA for about a month now) and I'm making sure to carry my little journal around with me. 

But I made it thru the 4th of July without any damage, so that's good. We took Dad out to dinner and I got stir-fry.  We went out last night to celebrate our anniversary, and I was sucked into the abyss also know as those awesome little rolls at the Texas Roadhouse.  I think I had 4 - slathered in that whipped cinnamon butter.  Plus peanuts, plus a nice thick sirloin and a slab of BBQ ribs.  YUMMY!

OK - need to go finish our boring dinner tonight.  Later!

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