Thursday, May 19, 2011


-2.4 lbs!

I really didn't expect to do that well. I didn't expect to lose any at all! Last weekend was really bad, I went at least 9 points over my dailies on Friday, Saturday & Monday. It's a good thing that I have those extra 35 weekly points, becuse I needed them!

The rest of the time I stayed on track pretty well. The meeting tonight talked about creating a strategy for getting thru Thanksgiving dinner. The Leader said there were 3 attitudes you could adopt for the holiday . 1) stick to your guns 2) count it as a total wash 3) throw caution to the winds. OK, I may do a combination of the three. I already know being out at Laurie's is going to kill my plan. So I'm going to concentrate on stuff that I don't fix for my family on a regular basis. Concentrate on the "special" food.

That includes Dad's biscuits & gravy for breakfast the next day, etc.

We're going to plan the menu and what everyone is bringing Saturday at the Eisenhower Craft show, like we always do. I'm going to offer to bring a fruit plate or something that won't induce guilt!
So I'll just see how I do!

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