Friday, May 20, 2011


-1.4 lbs   I finally broke thru that 211.2 lb wall!

I should have taken some advice that was given to me and went and took off my bra and weighed in.  That would have taken me over the 60 lb mark.  But I didn't so I'm stuck at 59.8 lbs.  Oh well.  The idea of giving myself a star on the calendar each night for completely filling out my journal has really helped.   So I think I'll keep doing that!

Carving Turkey 2         Eating Pie          Pilgrim             Thanksgiving Falling Leaves
So now I have to face Thanksgiving.  I'll be OK with the turkey, stuffing, green beans, etc.  But the evil mashed potatoes & rolls will suck me into their grasp and torture me.  Starches have always been my downfall.  I am really going to have to fight against those.

Thanksgiving Horn of Plenty

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