Friday, May 20, 2011

8/6/09 Words of Wisdom

This is from Jonathon at

Improving Your Health One Brick at a Time

This is one of my posts that I send out every 3or 4 months because taking this approach to your fitness and/or weight loss journey is Extremely Important!
I want you to think of improving your health in terms of building a house. Each day you are trying to put a few bricks on the house. The more healthy decisions you make, the more bricks you put on the house each day.

Some days when you feel great and are making many healthy choices, you will put 10 bricks on the house. Some days you are struggling, but still manage to put a few bricks on the house by drinking your water, etc. You don't have to put 10 bricks on your house each day, you just need to take it one healthy decision at a time and one brick at a time.

You can't build a house in a day or a week (or even a month) and you can't get healthy that quickly either. To build a quality house that will last takes time. And losing weight (and keeping it off) and improving your health takes time.
So today and as you move forward, think of improving your health as building a house.

Do it one brick at a time (by taking small steps and making smart choices) and before you know it you will have a nice first level and then ultimately build a nice house that will last.

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