Friday, May 20, 2011


Hi, I'm back !! 

According to the Wii Fit that we got at Christmas, I've only gained like 9 pounds since I quit WW.  I really thought it would be more than that since we spent the holidays in Arkansas and I totally GORGED on deep fried food.  One night at this little podunk restaurant, I got the "All Things Southern" plate - hush puppies, cat fish fillets, squash, okra and green tomatoes - all deep fried.  And I can't even remember what I ate at that evil buffet another night !!  I know it ended with a slice of pecan pie, which is probably the most horrible pie created (stats-wise) but it was all SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!

I'm still wearing the same clothes, but have noticed that a pair or two of my dress pants are getting snug...and those muffin-top creating jeans that I talked about a while back - forget it!   But they're not going into the donate basket - they're now my goal jeans!!

Other than the really bad vacation, I've been staying somewhat on track.  I know I'm going to have to re-learn the portion sizes again, but what I take to work is basically the same as when I was on the plan.  I bring oatmeal with some Fiber One mixed in it for breakfast with my Coke Zero.  Lunch is a Lean Cuisine or Smart One, a sandwich thin, yogurt, usually a fruit & a veggie.  And I still have 94% fat free popcorn in the desk drawer!  It's still the grazing at home that the problem is.   :roll:

So here's the scoop.  Since WW came out with their new program (and my lurking 20 year reunion) I'm going to rejoin.  I was going to start back on March 3, but I saw my last post was 10/10 so I'm going to wait until 3/10 to go back.  A full 5 month sabbatical! 

My old leader kept sending cards to me for about 6 weeks after I quit.  Talk about a guilt trip!!!   :o

I actually read my Dotti's newsletter this month - it was very inspiring.  She talked about the "Honeymoon Phase"  and how to keep it.  It was just what I needed.  I may print the newsletter out so I always have it.  I used her website a lot to figure out points for different restaurants, but always thought the newsletters were annoying.  I just went to their blog & read the latest entry & it was interesting - Dotti & Al are real people with real lives and the usual ups & downs.  I think I'll pay more attention to them!


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