Thursday, May 19, 2011


-1.8 lbs

Yay! I got my next gold star! it sort of bugs me when the leader puts me on the spot and asks dumb pointed questions like "what are you doing that is working for you?" Uhhhhh - I don't know. Drinking tons of water, paying closer attention to what I buy at the grocery store, making healthier meals, trying new things.......the basics I guess.

So I'm only 3.6 pounds away from my next WW charm (50 lbs!!!) for my keychain! I have my groovy gold 10% keychain, my 25 lb washer charm and my little gold "clappy hands" charm for my first consecutive 16 weeks with WW. Got quite a little collection going on. I'll get another washer shaped charm for 75 pounds. The I should be pretty close to my goal. I haven't actually set a number goal, just thought ~below 200~ would be nice.

Tonight at meeting, the leader was talking about something like the circle of life - she didn't have a title on it. But it totally covered the weight loss journey. It started out with a person being totally Unaware. They didn't realize there was a problem, eating everything in sight, sitting around on the couch, etc. . Next was Awareness. The bulb is dim, but they're seeing that something could be better. But aren't doing anything about it at this moment. Next was Research. One starts looking into options and preparing a plan of attack. Next is Action - doing something about the problem (like joining WW!) Then is Maintaining. One goes thru all this work, if you even want to call it that, to lose all this weight, now you need to keep it off. Then there's the inevitable Relapse. The leader says it is entirely up to you to control how long the relapse lasts. It could be for just one meal, or it could be 10 years. Sometimes you have to start completely over at the beginning of the circle, but ideally you jump back into the Action stage. That's something good to keep in mind.

I posted another picture in my gallery - I had Angel take a pic of me earlier this week, because I thought I was looking pretty good! I prefer to take the pictures, so there aren't many pics of me - and most of the ones that exist of me aren't very flattering. They're starting to look better!

I go in tomorrow for my 4 week check up after my D&C. I was told I'd only bleed for 7-10 days after the procedure. I still am. So something isn't right. I called last week and the Dr. thinks my hormones are still messed up and put me back on the Pill. Booo! Not what I wanted to do, but it's better than the alternative! The Dr. mentioned making sure I got plenty of iron-rich foods to make sure I don't become anemic. I think I would have by now if I was going to. I'm having more issues lately with a lousy PMS-like attitude than I am of being tired.

Wish me luck tomorrow!

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