Friday, May 20, 2011


weigh in:  208.4
total: -61.2

So I had a small gain which almost completly killed last weeks 1.2 lb loss.  So this is the second month in a row that I've posted a gain for the month (see "A Work In Progress")

I'm totally disgusted wtih myself.  I am back to feeling like a bloated cow and it's not even TOM, so I can't blame Mother Nature.  This weekend was not one of good choices (again!)  Saturday 2 people Randy graduated with came over with their families, so that meant BBQ & he wanted me to get 4 bags of chips, etc.  Yesterday was a BBQ at Aunt Jenny's house and that was even worse, with the brownies, cake (but that was WW friendly!!) and all the rest of the regular yummy BBQ crap.  It didn't help seeing 2 of my cousins who both have lost vast amounts of poundage.  Naomi is the one whose daughter just got married last month, so she'd been a gym fanatic so she'd look good - pppft.  But Janet has just been watching her fat grams and she looked wonderful!  She's always been on the chunky side & she just looked 20 years younger. 

What the heck - I'm going to get off my ass in front of the computer & go take the dog for a walk while its still cool out.  

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