Thursday, May 19, 2011


+0.8 lbs

That's the same .8 lbs that I lost last week! This is what happens when I don't journal for crap. Plus, the trip to BK for breakfast I'm sure didn't do me any favors. So I'm making sure to journal this week, and hopefully can make it thru Memorial Day weekend with a loss.

I haven't thought about breakfast & lunch over the weekend, but I have dinner planned - BBQ every night! PLUS, Randy and I are going to be cleaning out the garage, so I'm sure all those trips from garage to dumpster and Angel's bedroom to dumpster will work out to some serious APs.

Tomorrow I'm taking Angel up to Laurie's house to get her out of the way, and I offered to help her pick up 15 5 gallon buckets of paint, so my muscles will get a workout!

Happy Memorial Day and be sure to take a minute to think about our sailors & soliders that gave up their lives for our country. Bless them!

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