Friday, May 20, 2011


+2.0 lbs : back on the Plan! Way To Go

Well, I guess that wasn't as bad a gain as I really expected.  I got out of the habit of writing down what I eat, so that's a bad thing that I have to work on.  I also noticed that I get the munchies before bed.  I'm sure that's not helping me in any way, shape, or form.   I'll have to fight that.   And I fully admit that I didn't measure my cereal this morning.  Another issue.  Cereal is the problem there.  When I take oatmeal to work, which is practically every day - I do measure that out in a baggie, and add my oil & either cinnamon or vanilla extract.  Plain oatmeal is BORING!  Then I mix it with hot water from the coffee machine when I get to work.  It's just hot enough and the right amount for oatmeal. 

The problem right now, I've discovered is - I'm not caring enough.  I'm really discouraged from not making any headway in making the scale go down - that and I'm not getting any support on the homefront.  Even tho Randy just found out he weighs a full 100 pounds more than me (I bet that poor bed of ours screams with both of us in there!! - and the cars when we all ride together - sheesh!!)  He'd been getting high blood pressure readings from the dentist and they referred him to a doctor - that he actually went to !!  He's topped out at 319 lbs!!   Shock So he's got 2 months before he goes back for a physical and the doctor is expecting him to start working on losing weight on his own before then.  So far, he's told me not to buy any more regular Coke.  We still have a 12 pack in the fridge and another sitting where we stash them.  Coke Zero is actually pretty good - I've totally gotten used to drinking that.  But he's going to need to do more than just cut out regular Coke.  I'm not going to bug him until he actually wants me to help.  As it is, I'm not fixing anything special for them at dinner time.  They (Randy & Angel) eat what I fix, like it or not.  And if you're going to eat 5 servings of fruits & veggies a day, it's got to be more than just a salad!!   Veggies will not kill you!   But it doesn't help that they both turn up their nose at anything different I bring home.  I found a pound container at the grocery store of  a "peewee potato medley".  They're so cute!  It's a plastic container with a bunch of bite-sized taters of different varieties.  They both looked at me like I was a nut.  So what - deal!!  that's what you're getting - tonight in fact!!

Anyway, I also got an avocado at the store, and I need to go peel & slice it up.  I saw a nice lunch recipe using a bagel and thin sliced turkey with avocado & fat free cream cheese.  I didn't see any light bagels at the store, but I have my wonderful sandwich rounds, so I think that'll work well.  Lunch for work!  woohoo!       

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