Thursday, May 19, 2011


+0.2 lbs

Well crap.

Shall I list everything I've done wrong this past week or longer?? I wasn't going to waste my time actually listing them, but I think I need to see my sins in front of me.

a) have not documented any of my food in a week
b) have been sucked in by Randy's weekly Pizza Hut deliveries
c) have not done ANY exercise at all
d) haven't been making good choices in regards to snacks
e) haven't been watching portions

OK - I think that's enough. Shame on me. :/

I've been thinking about how good it would feel to do the Fast Firming DVD with the stretchy band, so at least I'm aware of needing to do something. Angel and I did take Jack halfway around the park earlier this week. The only reason we didn't go all the way around is the fact we ran out of poo bags for Jack. I didn't want to risk him taking another poo and not having anything to pick it up with.

This is supposed to be a gorgoeous weekend ~ sunny & 45 Saturday and 50 Sunday. I think we'll load up on extra bags and go to the park again. Or maybe we'll brave the possible mud and go down to Holland Ponds and walk thru the heron rookery. It's not even 2 miles away and I've only been there once.

I'll be looking over my Week 10 booklet from my meeting last week - it was about plateaus. But I just need to buckle down and follow the rules and I bet everything will be back on track.

Oh yeah - and I pre-ordered a Hungry doll & magnet from my meeting! I don't know when it will come in, but I can't wait!

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