Friday, May 20, 2011


-0.2 lbs

whoopee.  This is after the 0.8 lb gain last week.   I shouldn't complain - in the past 2 weeks we've had Angel's birthday (read: chocolate & peanut butter CAKE) and a trip to the orchard (cider & donuts!) plus they had more cider & donuts at work yesterday.

 Leaf Pile 

I am just horribly horribly discouraged right now.   Randy went to the doctor on September 11 and weighed in at 319 lbs.  Last night, out of the blue, he asked me how accurate my scale was.  It's pretty close to the WW scales, but it's hard to read because of the old-school dial.  I don't even use it that often.  He got on it last night wearing jeans with his wallet & all the misc. stuff in his pockets.  It said 298.  Grrr.  So I just had him get on it again just now wearing his thin sleeping shorts & a t-shirt and it said 285.  How insane is that?????  I even got on the scale first and it said 212, which is pretty correct, since my official weigh in tonight was 211.8.  I cannot believe that SOB (pardon my French!) lost 34 pounds in less than 3 weeks.  I totally hate him right now.  And all he's done is make better choices at lunchtime and cut out the regular Coke.  And I convinced him that it's OK for us to have leftovers at dinner.  Before he'd stuff himself until all the plates were clear.    Did I mention I hate him????
 You Suck

So he goes in for his physical right before Thanksgiving.  The doc wanted him to try to lose some weight before then, before they decide to do anything drastic.  But losing that fast isn't healthy, either.  WW says 1-2 pounds per week, not per day!!!   I told him he's going to look like a shar-pei puppy because his skin will just hang.

He's already noticed that the buttons on his shirts don't gape any more and he's losing his man-boobs. Oh yeah - and last week, after I dropped Angel off at dance, he called me on the radio and told me to hurry & get home so we could go for a walk !!  And we went all the way around the park!   Usually I have to drag him out for a walk and he complains about it.

So what does this mean to me?  I really need to buckle down and get over this roadblock.  It's no longer a plateau.  It's not even a speedbump!  it's an all out brick wall.  I've been in these same 5 pounds since May.  I haven't always been making the best choices when ones are available, so I have to work on that. 

Good news, tho!  We finally bought a gas grill!  That's something we can use in the winter!  I love end-of-season clearance sales!  Cooking ribs inside just does not do them justice.  Same with steaks.  it's easier to grill veggies on the gas grill, too. 

Anyway.  Hope there is good news to report next week.  

Note - the Red Wings start playing again tomorrow!  Woohoo!

Hockey 5

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