Thursday, May 19, 2011


-0.2 lbs

Ok - I really am going to buckle down and make sure I track everything I eat! I've proved to myself that I shouldn't wing it! I didn't stay for the meeting tonight, but I went in to weigh in and the pamphlet they gave me is all about tracking. It was a sign.

I'm proud to say that I have started planning menus. This goes along with my FlyLady stuff, too. Wednesday night while Angel's in dance, I get an idea of a week's worth of good, healthy dinners. Then I go home, compare 3 different stores' online sale ads, and create a grocery list. So Thursday after work I know exactly what I need for the next week. I find I'm not getting a lot of extra crap. I know I have what I need to make dinner each night.

Babysteps in the right direction!

I also took measurements tonight. I may not be losing poundage, but I've lost another 2.25 inches this month. My buns of jello are morphing into buns of lead ( a soft metal, but not as strong as steel - but I'm getting there!) I'm losing more around my butt than I am my waist - not complaining at all!

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