Thursday, May 19, 2011


-1.4 pounds!

I was really staying OP pretty well this week, considering my birthday and a holiday weekend happened. Still getting used to measuring and documenting. What I really need to do is start planning! Then I can figure out what I'm going to have each day ahead of time, instead of getting home from work and seeing how many points I have left to use.

We went to bd's for my birthday dinner. That seems to be a reasonable place to eat, points-wise. I choose exactly what I want to eat and they only use a little oil on the grill to cook it. And because we use chopsticks, it really makes you slow down when you eat.

Sunday, Randy and I went to the Renaissance Festival and walked around for a bunch of hours. It was hot! I can't wait til I can wear one of those awesome medieval dresses and actually look good in it!

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