Thursday, May 19, 2011


-3.2 pounds!

I controlled myself at CiCi's!! I had one piece of spinach pizza and one of alfredo pizza. Plus a salad and a glass of iced tea. I caved and had a brownie, tho. It was literally calling my name!

I discovered Crystal Lite Energy stuff to mix in with my water. I was just looking for flavor, and I saw the strawberry and grabbed it. it's not enough to make me hyper, just actually keeps me awake during that afternoon slow down at work. Cool!

It seems to be a little bit filling, so I've had a hard time getting all my points in for the past couple days. And I've gotten plenty of APs from my 25 trips to the bathroom at work!

Friday I intentionally skipped most of my water because I had free tickets to go to a Red Wings pre-season game. I didn't want to miss half the game because of running to the bathroom! I could really tell I was missing it, too. I was really thirsty! So it made that beer go down real easy - but it was lite beer!

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