Friday, May 20, 2011


-1.6 lbs today!

Woohoo!  Finally a decent loss! 

I got up at 5 this morning & did 30 minutes of Wii Yoga.  Let me tell you that my balance sucked very much bad!  I even held onto the TV for the one pose & was still falling all over.  Just recently I finally mastered the tree pose & that all went to hell!    It didn't help that Skeeter was assisting me.  I went to do the bridge pose & he laid down under me.  Then I went to do the side stretch one, he laid up against my shoulder so I couldn't stretch my arm out.  He got in my face & sniffed my eye.  Guess he was looking for some attention!

Anyhoooo.  I think tomorrow I'm going to do a 2 mile walk - that's about 35 minutes.  I need it because I had one of those chocolate mint ice capps and a maple dip donut from Tim Hortons tonight - that was 13 PPs !!!  I almost fainted !!!  But I entered it on my tracker anyway!

This weekend I plan to get out there & mow the yard and I also have the PVC needed to build my latest 2 "guys" for my Halloween display.  So I want to be outside as much as possible Saturday when its sunny & 77 !!  I can probably talk the girl into going for a walk around Holland Ponds, too.  Sunday has a 50% chance of T-storms.  Yay!

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