Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for Wii Fit

Welcome to day 23 of the Blogging A-Z April Challenge, 2013!  Each day in April (except Sundays) I will be posting here, and the posts will be in alphabetical order!  This blog is all about my journey to weight loss / good health & fitness. 

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I know, nobody talks about using the Wii anymore, but I use it fairly regularly.  It's helped a lot since I pinched a nerve or something in my back, I use to it do Wii Yoga.

You can tell by this screen shot who has not been on the Wii lately (cough, cough Randy & Angel) by the ZzZzZzZ's coming off them.  I love that you can set up Pet Miis, too. So there's Maddie & Chester on the left and Jack on the right.  I don't actually make them workout, although Chester has "helped" me by standing on the balance board to sniff my hair while I was doing one of the Yoga poses.

Do you use the Wii?

update - Angel said she got on there since to do the obstacle course, so Randy's is the only zombie-like Mii.


  1. Yep I use Wii Fit still to weigh in (through my Wii U though) It was a huge tool for me when I lost the 80 pounds though, every day! I have the chart as a picture now!

  2. I used to use Wii Fit to weigh in, but then I was finding that it was completely inconsistent (it's on carpet, which apparently is bad). I haven't been using it lately though.


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