Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Virgo

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I am a Virgo - but from what I am reading in this article, I'm not really a typical one!

let me pick out a few phrases.....

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, to be exact, and that's the way Virgos like it: exacting. 

There may be a shred of truth in this one. 

Virgos, more than any other sign, were born to serve, and it gives them great joy.

I served my country, does that count?  

Virgos tend to take on some of the qualities of a Virgin, things like modesty and humanity. 

Modesty??? Oh please. My ham radio call sign is a vanity call - N8LisaTheGreat. 

Virgos enjoy indulging their practical and logical side and poring over their projects to the nth degree. 

You got me with practical, dammit.  

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and as portrayed in ancient Roman mythology, Mercury wasn't one to sit still for long.

Guilty here, too.  I can't sit still for something that doesn't totally engross me.  

Those born under this sign are also able communicators and use their mental acuity to maximum advantage.

Pppft.  Nope.  I am the worst person ever with small talk.  If I know you, fine - but with strangers?  lips are zipped!

The bane of many Virgos is the perfectionism that can get in the way of their usual clear thinking.

I am so NOT a perfectionist. 

Virgos are also neat and clean, save for the occasional sloppy Virgin (they do exist). 

**waves hand** I am the occasional sloppy one!  

Virgins are also reliable and practical and oh-so-useful to have around. 

Damn.  Guilty.

The Element associated with Virgo is Earth, and in keeping with that, most Virgos are grounded, salt-of-the-earth types. 

Guilty again. 

Virgos are extremely health conscious, to the point of being storehouses of information on diet and hygiene.

If I am so health conscious, how did I get to be 90+ lbs overweight??

See, the benefits of exercise are far more important to Virgo than the process itself. That's why Virgos are likely to time themselves on their runs and get in those 300 sit-ups every day.

I have those thoughts flitting thru my mind, but I'm very successful at tamping down the desire. 

What about you?  You you fit your sign?


  1. I'm a Virgo and I started out ridiculously organized and neat, but these days not so much. Otherwise, I think I fit the sign pretty well. I am modest in the fact that even when I had the body for it, I couldn't wear a swimsuit without a tshirt over it. I don't like showing a lot of skin, except when it counts. *bow chicka bow wow*

    1. LOL, I used to be all about showing cleavage, etc. Now that I work around truck drivers?? No. I've gotten so that I'm self-conscious around others while in a bathing suit.


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