Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for Detroit

Welcome to Day 4 of the Blogging A-Z April Challenge!


Everyone talks about how bad & crappy Detroit is.  I'm not going there.  
This is all about the beauty of Detroit. 
The Riverwalk on a nice sunny day is wonderful!

This first bunch were taken a couple years ago.  Angela looks a like a baby (she's 15 now)!

The Renaissance Center (GM World Headquarters)
as seen driving south on I-75

Closer to the Ren Cen

Looking across the Detroit River at Windsor, Ontario

Border Patrol Office
(lining up the lightbar on the patrol car was purely accidental - but awesome!)

Looking up at the Ren Cen

This is outside the Ren Cen - it's a map of the world with lights for the major cities. 

The People Mover

Joe Louis Arena
(as usual, the Wings were in the playoffs)

bandstand behind JLA

The Spirit of Detroit
the best dressed statue anywhere!  He's got jerseys for all the pro teams around here.  
Ok, I don't know if he has a Lions one.  

Hard Rock Cafe
with old man photobomber

The Detroit Princess Riverboat

Hart Plaza

The Kids' Fountain


Joe Louis' fist

Mural in Hart Plaza

the Ford Auditorium

The Rivard Plaza Carousel

Mural on the Russell Industrial Plaza
This bunch is from this past January
 Comerica Park - home of the Detroit Tigers

You can see Ford Field peeking around Comerica Park.

 Hockeytown Cafe

St. John's Church

 The Fox Theater

 The Ren Cen at night

Every city has it's beauty.  Sometimes you just need to look for it!

Maple Grove Cemetery - Halloween related, but don't worry - no gore.
The Life of Lisa - weight loss / health related. 


  1. My daughter lives an hour outside Detroit so I know of some of these views. I shall have to visit more when we are over next time,

    1. You should!!

      I wish I would have been over near Wayne State University - I know there are some amazing old buildings over that way. Oh well -topic for next year!

  2. Those were really cool pictures! Thanks for sharing them.


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