Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for Bellydance

Welcome to day 2 of the Blogging A-Z April Challenge, 2013!  


This is such a fun way to exercise!
Besides being low-impact, it makes you aware of your own sensuality in the ways that you move.

I have the Bellydance - Fitness for Beginners DVD with the Belly Twins,        
Neena & Veena.

Part I is learning the basic moves
and Part II is fat burning, cardio goodness.

I haven't tried their other DVDs, but this one is very easy to follow
and fun to do.

I've also taken classes thru the local community center.  It's fun and you can really feel your muscles working!

Maple Grove Cemetery - Halloween related, but don't worry - no gore.  
Random Ramblings - lives up to its name.  Totally random.


  1. I remember when my aunt who is now in her eighties took a belly dancing class. Our family thought it was scandalous. Oh, what fun she had! These days she's into line dancing. Enjoyed your post.

    1. That's funny! I love that she is in her 80s and still out dancing!

  2. I took belly dance lessons about 35 years ago -- it was great fun. I highly recommend it as exercise and for weight loss.

  3. I often see these classes advertised in the local community paper and I always say I would love to give it a go. maybe this year will be the year to finally give it a go

    1. When I took a class, it was at the local junior high. That was close & convenient!


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