Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bonus Post! Dance pics

This is my "off" day from posting for the A-Z Challenge.  We finally got the CDs of the 'professional' photos from Miss Angela's first dance comp of the season last month.  She's got them for the next 2 weekends, too!

I put the word professional in quotes, since I think someone with an ounce of common sense would ~try~ to be in the center of the stage while taking group photos.  This person did not.  At least they still got some good shots.

 Small Group Tap
"Run the World"
Angel's in the center in both of the first 2 photos.

This would be awesome from straight on, but NOOO. Idiots. 

 Small Group Jazz
"You Make Me Feel"
She's on the left doing the heel-stretch.

Hip Hop Line (all 4 levels of the comp team)
 On the right...

 In the back center - flexing above & saluting below.

Jazz Line
"Hot Like Wow"
on the right

4th from right - ending pose

Official studio photos in full costume is coming in mid- May, that's always a fun day.  Then the recital is at the end of June.  I always take my camera to dress-rehearsal, so I'll have pics of her in all (let me think) 8 dances.   Besides these 4, she also has a Tap Line that hasn't competed yet (at the 3rd comp), another hip-hop class, lyrical & ballet. 

Next year she wants to do a trio with a couple of the girls also in her small groups.  We just have to talk their parents into it!

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