Friday, April 29, 2016

#AtoZChallenge - Yuck

For the last 28 days, you've seen all the stuff I DO like.  Of course, I wouldn't have it if I didn't like it!

Here's some of the stuff I avoid.
Horror / slasher movies.

Zombies (and aliens, too)

Erm, no.

Zombie Babies.
NO!  Why????

Blood & guts & violence.
(no images for that one - you're welcome!)
This includes "corpsing" skeletons.  This is where you cover the bones in plastic and melt it with a heat source, then paint / stain the plastic to look like rotted flesh.

Definitely no clowns.
(no images for those either - you're welcome again!)

Any kind of theme or costume with "sexy" or "slutty" in it.

Then there's the things I'm pretty indifferent about.

Although iconic, I'm not into Peanuts, either.
I have seen it, tho!

Vintage Halloween - neat but not my style.

Same with NBC and most Tim Burton offerings.

Inflatables.  Ew No.

The Haunted Mansion is pretty cool, but I never did get on the Disney bandwagon.

I guess my style can be summed up as generic & basic, but that's OK - I like it that way!

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  1. Now I'm curious what you'll do for Z since I was sure that it would be zombies :D I like some zombies, but some really can give me nightmares!

    I think I could have done without knowing about corpsing skeletons though - that is creepy!

    Tracy (Black Boots, Long Legs)


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