Friday, April 15, 2016

#AtoZChallenge - Mini-Cemetery & Monster Trucks

There's also a cemetery inside the house!
It's kind of surprising how many of these I've found.  Just here & there.
And I've only duplicated one.
This little narrow counter in my kitchen is the perfect place for this. 

picture thread for the merry reaper 2015-iphone-017.jpg
I treasure these - I'll explain more on my "R" post, but I got these as a gift.  
They're handmade and for the life of me, I can't figure out how!

Zombie & Gravedigger, Halloween editions
I have a big collection of Hot Wheels Monster trucks and jumped at the chance to order the H'ween versions!
These are actually displayed year-round with the rest of my Hot Wheels. 



  1. Love both! The macabre makes me feel warm and fuzzy on any given day. Lol. I used to love hanging out in the cemetery, reading all those headstones and imagining all the histories of the people beneath them, as a kid.

    1. I still love doing that! It's peaceful and the art on some of those stones is excellent. I have a bunch of posts on my other blog documenting cemeteries I've explored.

  2. Cool. We have gravedigger. Went to see the monster trucks years ago. Great replicas

    1. We go see them every year when they come to Detroit - it's a fun time!


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