Monday, April 11, 2016

Friend Makin' Mondays - Spring is here!

Just popping in real quick - I have to leave for Zumba soon!  The teacher is trying "Brazilly" tonight - a combination of the samba and bellydance.  Can't wait! 
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Spring is Here
  1. What city do you currently live in? Shelby Twp., MI  About 20 miles north of Detroit. 
  2. What’s the weather like where you are?  It looks kinda cold out there with the steely gray skies, but the temp is in the low 50s and the sun is shining weakly. 
  3. When you eat at a restaurant do you prefer to eat inside or outside?  Inside.  Some places do have outside options, but I'll pass. 
  4. What is your favorite season? Spring and fall are pretty close.  
  5. When you go on vacation do you prefer the beach or the mountains? Mountains.  I get bored just sitting on the beach, no matter how many umbrella drinks I have!
  6. What do you like most about Spring? The robins & red-winged blackbirds coming back.  Things starting to grow.  Baby critters.  Perfect horseback riding weather.  And of course....NHL playoffs!
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  8. Share one of the greatest moments of Spring from your childhood. Nothing really stands out.  Wait.  Finally being able to leave the shoes off when we went outside.  And those first couple days of tender feet until they toughened up again and we could run up & down the dirt road without thinking about it. 
  9. Do you prefer to wear shorts, capris or dresses at this time of year? Depends on what I'm doing.  If I'm scrubbing around the yard - shorts.  I can get away with capris for work.  But dresses seem fancier. 
  10. What do you miss about Winter?  I'll let you know when I'm sure it's actually gone away!  
  11. What do you look forward to about Summer? Working in the yard.  Grilling outside.  I will eat on our own patio without any qualms. 
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Happy Monday, Friends!

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  1. I miss wearing dresses--especially sundresses. They're SO comfortable. I work from home now, so denim capris are dressy for me these days!


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