Sunday, April 10, 2016


Today is a break from the regularly scheduled A-Z posts.
Glad the car was happy about the snow!

I feel I'm doing pretty well with the challenge this year.  I have replied to each and every comment left on my posts (and there has been a lot, happily! Thanks so much ) and visited & commented on the blog of every person who commented and followed most, if not all, back!

So... life.
How about those Wings??
Woohoo!  Becuz they're awesome.

Friday was opening day for the Tigers, which I do NOT give a flying crap about, but the only other person in my department does.  So Thursday afternoon, my boss asked if I could stay late since Geri wouldn't be there.  Blargh. When she's not there, I am lucky if I get to spend an hour doing my own work.  I stayed an extra 2 hours to make sure everything was good to go.  It was has been crazy short-handed there.  One of the day dispatchers quit and hasn't been replaced yet, 2 supervisors were on vacation and another out on medical.  They even brought our terminal manager up from Laredo to help out for the week! 

I got home, got rid of shoes & contacts and stretched out on the bed in the silence with the cats.  Aaaaahhh.  I swear not 2 minutes later, I heard a chainsaw fire up.  The next door neighbor was having her big maple, the triplet to my two, removed.  I sat on the couch and watched this crew of 3 guys completely & efficiently take this huge tree down, in less than an hour.  Come to find out, if you see them on a job, you can ask them to give estimates!  So I went out & talked to the boss and he looked at the 3 dead trees in our yard and wrote up a very reasonable estimate for us.  Hooray!
Perspective is weird here, but all 3 trees were the same distance away from each other. 

I'll be sad to see the cherry tree go. They told us it was dead when we moved in 13 years ago, but it bloomed every year until last year.  But THIS will be nice to have gone.  Yup, it's been out there since November!  And the pine next to it will be going.  

The next 2 weekends I'm going to be scarce.  Miss Angela has dance competitions, back to back!  I hadn't even started looking for the schedule yet, but I saw a post on FB last night that it was up!  Yet again, Angel has nothing on Saturday, and all 7 of her dances are on Sunday. And if it goes according to schedule, 3 of them within an hour!  One of our little girls has the very first dance of the competition!  But at 10, she's no stranger to doing solos, so she'll kick butt. 

DOS goes to both of these competitions every year, so we know how they're run - no crappy shenanigans to catch us off guard.  And they generally do quite well at them, too.  They're going to be busy kids at the studio this week, since there were no classes last week due to spring break and there were only a couple optional classes held.
Snapchat filters are hilarious!

Get this - one of the teens quit! Supposedly there were "family troubles" but she sure didn't waste any time posting on SnapChat that she was starting at the studio that belongs to the guy teacher who got fired last year!  Why would you do that in the middle of comp season??  It's not like she'll get to compete for him.  Angel said she barely knew the dances they're been learning since September so she knew J. wouldn't get new ones down.  Plus costumes?  But whatever.  Angel told me that it was quite simple to rearrange their dances to fill in her spot.  Most of them it was just spacing and in the other, one girl had to slightly change her steps - like move her arms to the left instead of the right.  I don't think they'll miss her much.

Our trip to Charleston is all booked!  Room, flights & car are good to go! 71 days til Nationals!  I'm getting excited now - I want to start packing!
We will be leaving here at the butt-crack of dawn and get to Charleston around noon. So that'll give us most of Sunday and all of Monday before competition starts on Tuesday.  Depending on how they place, they may or may not be still dancing on the following Sunday.  And we leave there early Monday  afternoon.  Angel's freaked out since she hasn't been on a plane since she was 2.  

 I hope we get some more free time, since there's a cemetery there I'd like to explore!  We're all staying at the same hotel, so maybe I can find someone for Angel to hang out with so I can go Monday.  

Ugh.  I have to leave work a few minutes early tomorrow to go have an ultrasound to check on the female issues that I've been having.  They're still not resolved, but they're not as bad as they were.  I should just have all those parts removed.  I still might, depending on if what is happening is just something to deal with, or bad.   

Speaking of work, I'm going to sign off so I can get clothes & lunch together. 



  1. Intermissions would make for a great I-post. Not sure that it isn't a tongue-in-cheek I post in disguide. In which case, Irresistible. Otherwise just Ignore this comment. :)

    Here from the A-Z and best wishes for the trip and the challenge. Enjoy!

    Ninja Minion, A-Z 2016

    1. Disguise* oof! terrible at proofing.

    2. LOL - I like how you worked all the "I"s in there! Guess I was a day early with this!


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