Monday, April 25, 2016

#AtoZChallenge - the Unseen

aka storage!
You know when you have as much decor and stuff as I do - storage is always an issue, especially when you have a small house!  Here's how I've dealt with it.

Totes are mainly for indoor stuff and smaller pieces that I don't want to get lost. 
There's a piece of paper taped to each lid with the contents listed.  
Items from the witches kitchen that have liquid in them are in a tote that stays in the house. 

This is a tiny "loft" in the top of the shed - these are the critter skeletons. 

The plywood headstones and the sign store fairly flat in the shed with the lawn mower and grill. 

This is half of a 6 foot deep shed built across the back of the 2 car garage.   We have 2 window air conditioner units under the tarp, but this is where the blowmolds (minus the 5 Easter ones) and the coffin go in the off-season.  There are a couple more taller blowmolds off to the right where there's no shelf.  The patio furniture also goes in there. 

The coffin itself gets used for storage.  These are the loose bones and lanterns, etc for the cemetery. 

The skeletons get hung in the corner of the garage. 

This is a close up of how they're hung.  If I used the string on top of the skull, it causes a lot of tension on the neck and one was almost decapitated before I caught it.
I tie a loop in the twine and it goes over the tail bone.  I tie a half-hitch under the ribs and another thru the ribs and the last is at the base of the skull. Then it can be hung safely.  This distributes the weight over the whole spine and guards against breakage.  This is helpful since in Michigan, there are a lot of temperature extremes in the garage.



  1. Looks theatrical, are they props? The skeletons?
    Popping by on the AtoZ Challenge

    1. I use them for my Halloween display, so they are props for that. I try to have them doing stuff like waltzing or playing with dog skeletons so it is sort of theatrical!

  2. Wow, you are very organized! I love the picture of all of the skeletons hanging in the garage. Although I think if I came home late at night they would creep me out a bit, even knowing that they weren't real.

    Tracy (Black Boots, Long Legs)

  3. awesome. i was wanting to see where you stored everything. so many boxes.

    Joy @ The Joyous Living


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