Friday, April 22, 2016

#AtoZChallenge - Skeletons

But first....lemme take a selfie!
I love my skeletons!
I had to admit that 2015 was the first time that I noticed the cemetery looked more like a skeleton party instead of cemetery!
I may need intervention. 
The full muster of skeletons at the Maple Grove Cemetery as of tear-down on 11/2/15. 
Hmm, lets see. 
1 - 6.5 foot guy
9 - 5 foot guys
1 - 4 foot guy
6 - 3 foot guys
1 - 2 foot guy
1 Buster Bonez (the bigger dog)
2 Beagle Bonez (I got another since then!)
3 Cats
1 Rat
1 Parrot (crow?)

This pair was quite fabulous.  I've been wanting to have them wear Miss Angela's old dance costumes for the last couple years, but it's been too rainy!  One of these days......

Flanking the mailbox.

Chillin' on the patio, waiting for setup.

Catching some rays.

I use portable fence posts as stands and zip-tie the skeletons to them. 
At night you don't even see them.  

These guys still make me smile!  2 little guys with their Beagle Bonez!

These guys like to relax on the coffin. 

The playpen.  The rest of the little guys with cats.

The playpen, continued. 

I noticed a lot of things had LED eyes this year.  I got this guy from Home Depot.  This was the hot spot to get cheap skellies in 2015.  I wasn't overly impressed with the quality so he's up against the house where it's somewhat sheltered. 

Love this one!

I bean myself on this every year.  
It's in the middle of the garage door.  You'd think I'd learn!

I was highly impressed with the flaming cauldron.  It's got a fan with lights & orange & red material that flaps in the breeze.  I want to get another one or two. 

The 6.5 foot guy is zip-tied to a shepherd's hook since he's a bit heavier than the 5 foot guys.  

I didn't want the bulldog skeletons, so I was happy to find this bigger guy.  
He's got a femur in his mouth. 

A nod to my cat Skeeter who crossed the Rainbow Bridge 4 years ago.  
As soon as I'd sit anywhere, he'd be on my lap. 

This guy sat on the kitchen counter for a week before anyone noticed the candy corn!

This is Rudy.  After H'ween last year he crossed over to the jolly side and is currently wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. 

I have a lot of there 16 inch skellies - and glitter is always nice!

I found this at a little place that we seem to always go to on Small Business Saturday after Thanksgiving.  I gasped & snatched it up! MINE!

I have several painted skull bottles that have some kind of tequila in them and a mini Crystal Skull Vodka bottle.   The little guy?  That's "salt & pants".

Walgreens used to carry these really nice skulls.  Heavy & solid.

I love this guy.  He always goes into the bed in front of Mr. Clean's tank.  
(that's a huge 15+ year old pleco in there!)
Must digress for a minute - I had no idea that fish have personalities, but Mr. Clean does.  When we're in the living room, we can see that he's watching us and he loves the lights on the Christmas tree.  And he messes with the cats when they try to 'get' him. 

Reminds me of the one we had when I was a kid. 

I found this ornament at Bronner's in Frankenmuth at Christmas. 
 Of course he came home with me, even though I almost fainted at what he cost.


  1. Replies
    1. I didn't realize I had that many until I lined them up along the fence and really looked. Intervention, anyone?

  2. Wow, that is an impressive number of skeletons! The skeleton with the picture frame is particularly neat. Last year was the first year that I saw the cat and dog skeletons, but they sold out before I could get them. I didn't realize that they made different breeds, though. I'll have to keep my eyes out this year.

    Tracy (Black Boots, Long Legs)

    1. I've seen "Buster Bones" - the bigger dog, Beagle Bones, the bulldog and Target had a weiner dog, too. They're coming out with all sorts of critters nowadays!


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