Monday, April 18, 2016

#AtoZChallenge - Odds & Ends

Just like the title says - just random odds & ends. 

OK - NOT at my house but I saw these recently at a local antique store.
A warthog and horse skulls.
I can see much potential with these, but I'll pass.  

I did buy this guy from the booth with the skulls.
He needs a rhinestone of some color for his peeking eyeball. 

So cute!  From 5 Below.

Some of the magnets on my fridge. 
We've been to Hell in Grand Cayman and also Hell, Michigan.  
It's not that far away from me!

A bunch of car magnets on my fridge. 

One day I'll come up with a use for this random wooden fruit. 

I'm quite pleased with how this 'antique' photo of Miss Angela turned out. 

One day I **WILL** have the skeletons in dance costumes.

I could share my splint with the skeleton!
It's pretty graphic but you can read about what happened HERE.
And the actual story HERE - much less gross.

Captain is such a good horse to put up with our shenanigans.


Maddie says "what B.S. is this??"

I love this tree!  The JOL cracks me up!

Got this little bear skeleton from a Loves Truck Stop during a trip home from Arkansas.  It had had a tag that said Indiana on it, but of course I took that off!

This is what happened when the utility company dug up the yard.  At the time, Angel got home from school maybe 45 minutes before I got home from work and she called me, freaked out that one of the guys was knocking on the door.  I raced home and asked if I could move anything since they were clearly digging in my yard!  They said everything was fine, but asked if I would move one of the headstones over to this spot?  I laughed, but did one better.  I made that stone specially for that spot and added the fence for emphasis!  I like to think that all of those workers told their families about this and maybe brought them by to see it!


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    1. Thanks! She humored me, dressing up and letting me pose her, but we had a few laughs, too.


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