Thursday, April 14, 2016

#AtoZChallenge - Lights

The last couple years, I've been concentrating on getting my lighting how I want.  I have a vision in my mind, but have been having a hard time figuring out how to do it.  I think I need some mini spot lights.  A whole lot of them!
2010 - the first year with actual lights!

2011 (Look!  We have a name!)

The blowmolds are washing out the rest of the lights!

2013 - getting closer with the blue!  LEDs are awesome.
A tripod works so much better for nighttime shots, too.

Much better!  
The blowmolds are in "the Mosh Pit" on the other side of the driveway

Love the red & blue!

Need to work on the left side - it's pretty dark over there. And I don't have the orange & purple tree up, either.  It was up against a cherry tree that sadly (finally) bit the dust.  We were told when we moved in (winter 2001/02 ) that it was dead, but it bloomed and the birds feasted on tart cherries every year until 2015.
The plan is to have it cut down, hopefully in May.   Then we can plant something else. 

Fred is pretty fabulous.
He usually holds a beverage container of some sort.  Sometimes Coke, sometimes Labatts!

I wonder if this was 3D?
I actually don't like this.  It's too busy.
Out of the last 2 years, I like 2014's better. 

I also picked this up.  I had it aimed on the privacy fence next to the driveway.
It was pretty cool.  If you click on my YouTube page, you can see parts 1 & 2 of the cemetery walk-through and the ghosts are on the fence by the American flag.



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    1. Thanks! We have a friend of the family named Fred and he's not a fan of that stone :D


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