Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dance Comp Weekend #2

..or 3rd but this makes 2 in a row.  And it's a good thing we're done with competitions until June, because Miss Angela got hurt during her solo last night.  Actually I'm proud that it's taken her this long to get hurt this year!  She didn't even make it thru October last season.

Going back....Angel's first competition was put on by Showbiz - back in 2011!  And they've gone there each year since.  And every year except the first, it's been at the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts theater - a very nice venue.
 They don't let you record actual dances at this one, so here's the stage. We could take pics & record awards, tho.  I did NOT record because the announcer guy was highly annoying.  He'd be announcing awards, then suddenly stop and comment about how cute some little girl was and have her stand up, or he liked someone's hair, stuff like that - then he'd forget where he was and re-announce 7 or 8 dances.

Let me see....they got
Small Group Jazz - platinum 2nd place  
Small group tap - platinum 1st place
Contemporary platinum 4th place
Hiphop line platinum 1st place 
Jazz line high gold 2nd place
Duet - high gold 2nd place
Solo - high gold 6th

Their points here also fall into a range - silver / gold / high gold / platinum.  
This is the face of someone who clearly didn't feel well.  The crud was starting to hit her, she had a tickly throat and was coughing a lot.  So she had a bag of cough drops handy backstage. 

The 6th place for her solo really wasn't unexpected.  There were only 6 senior Ruby solos.  About halfway thru, she landed a jump wrong and twisted her knee.  I didn't see her landing, but I saw her sway and I really thought she was going to barf on the stage!  Once she got her bearings - about 10 seconds later, she finished but you could tell something was wrong.  By the time I fought my way thru the audience and got to where she came offstage, Terina was helping her back to the dressing room, so I knew she was in good hands.  I took a minute to hug the other girls and tell then how awesome they did - this kept me out of the way until Terina had Angel settled. 

She sat for a while with an ice pack and I gave her some aspirin and a bottle of water.  Then she changed into shorts and put her knee brace and tennis shoes on, and said she was going out in the audience with a couple of the other girls.   But not long later, she texted me a picture from the front lobby area where the boutique & photo area was, so I guess she was moving around OK.  
Here's Haili accepting the 1st place award for Clique (hiphop line) and Angel next to her with 2nd place for Mony Mony (jazz line) the other little girl had 3rd place, etc.

The entire group going up to accept the big 'ol trophy for highest points awarded for any routine in the Ruby division 
(sapphire is the "beginner" division, ruby is intermediate and diamond is advanced.)
 Group photo with the trophy, Miss Terina (in the hat - studio owner) and Miss Gabby (standing, far right - she looks like one of the girls!)

 The 'seniors' with all their goodies.

 Angel & Ashley

 Angel & Katie
Katie also won Miss Showbiz for Ruby Division!  
She cried when she sat back down with her trophy!

There was a ton of food backstage for all our girls and the families who were there, but Miss Difficult really wanted pizza.  So I texted Randy and he stopped and grabbed her a couple slices.  He got there just in time to see Clique in person.  The rest he'd been able to watch online. 

I grabbed some screen-shots from the Showbiz Instagram.....

This is at final awards - I had just seen Angel is the back of the stage and when the DJ pulled his camera out - BAM!  She's in front! 

All of the studios.

Annoying guy selfie with all of the studios.

Angel & Alyana
Ready for jazz

So after awards were done, Terina invited everyone over to the studio for pizza.  Angel decided even tho she was tired and really wanted a hot bath, she also wanted more pizza.  So we stopped in long enough to have a slice and chat for a few.  The younger girls were still wound up and over-tired so they were in one of the dance rooms - dancing, of course!  Angel went and watched them for a minute, then came and sat down next to me.  She put her head on my shoulder and sighed.  She was ready to go home.  By then, her voice was also starting to go, so I stopped at a store on the way home and got her some Mucinex and Vicks Vapor Rub.  

I checked her this morning and she had a small fever, so I made her some toast and got her medicated, then sent her back to bed.  The most she's done today has been move between her bed and the couch.  I've gotten her to eat some soup a couple times today and she's pretty pitiful.  Glad she doesn't usually work on Mondays so she'll get to rest tomorrow, too.  Tomorrow night, she has dance, but they're all ones they did Saturday, so they'll probably just sit around and listen to judges critiques and talk about how they felt about the performances. 

No real drama this time, tho. Other than them giving away the dressing room that we've used EVERY year and we ended up being separated into the restrooms. At least we had them both and not just the ladies room!  So we had largish dressing rooms, we also had showers that offered nice sturdy places to hang costumes and our own bathrooms!  That meant the little girls who are still modest had a place to change.  I think once they hit 10 or so, these girls become nudists.  There are some interesting conversations about tan lines, tattoos (Angel & Katie both have them but they're the oldest girls on the team) and just about anything.  It's quite hilarious sometimes!

Anyway, sure hope she doesn't pass this crud around!  She told Randy & I that if she were to share the crud, she'd rather I get it, since he's a guy and he whines too much.  And now that I think about it....I saw her drinking my pop.

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