Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Dance Comp Weekend #1

Guess I should say this is weekend #2 because the first comp was back at the beginning of March. 😜

Last weekend was the competition at Dance Force Xpress - Dancers Only Studio goes to this competition every year.  It's nice to be familiar with how things are run.  Next weekend is another we go to every year - Showbiz National Talent.  It's all on Saturday so I should have a post up on Sunday for that one.   

I was happy to hear that we were allowed to video during the routines - normally that's not allowed.  So the pictures here are kinda lousy since they're screenshots off my video, which really isn't much better.  I have them up on YouTube (link over on the right) if you want to watch.  
Of course I'm very proud of the whole team!

Senior Jazz Duet - Two of Hearts - Miss Angela & Miss Katie
Platinum (overall points get placed into silver. gold, high gold or platinum levels.)
This cracks me up!

Injection of the Soul - Contemporary Large Group
High Gold & Division High Point in Contemporary

Call Me - Senior Small Group Jazz
Platinum, 2nd place

I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Angel's solo
High Gold - she was robbed! 

I Love Rock & Roll - Senior Small Group Tap
High Gold

Clique - HipHop Line (all age groups)
Platinum, Division High Point in Hiphop, 1st place!

Mony Mony - Jazz Line (Angel's 2nd from left, doing the leg-hold)
High Gold

Angel didn't dance on Saturday at all.  I took her to the school (which happens to have a dance room!! DOS was one of 3 studios to use it as their dressing room. Quite nice with full length mirrors & barres to hang costumes on & our own bathroom) and I stayed long enough to watch the first 8 or 9 routines, then went home. Angel stayed there all day.  I went back later & caught the last of our routines and the final awards.   I got a lot done at home alone!  Randy was out playing radio with the guys. 

Sunday there was a lot more action with more girls dancing.  It was entertaining.  Lynn & I were calmly on one side of the room, steaming wrinkles out of those bright red satin contemporary skirts.  One of the new comp moms was fighting with her daughter & they were both getting upset.  She asked us how we survive.  It's simple.  We ignore our own kids.  Obviously not after a dance when we're hugging them, etc.  But while getting ready?  Nope.  I pointed to Renee over there going Angel's hair for her and Alynna pushed past Lynn to ask me to help her with her eyelashes.  Terina won't even talk to Sarah on comp days.  Whatever one of the girls needs, there's a mom there to help out.  Just probably not her own.  It's a whole lot less stressful all around. 

So drama.  Always gotta have drama!  A former set of comp parents hadn't been happy with how their darling baby was put in the back of the groups (they all spend time in the back row!!) so they went and opened their own dance studio.  And they were at Dance Force.  The creepy douche-bag dad had the nerve to stop 3 of us - he was standing in the doorway so we couldn't avoid him - and ask us to cheer for his girls since he only has 5 girls on his team, etc, etc, etc. Pretty sure we just blinked at him and politely told him good luck.  Funny thing is that when his group went on stage, the little girl who kept drawing my eye was NOT his precious Bethany!  And this little girl did a solo to something called "Afrobeats" (yes, she was black) and she was so fun to watch and she did a great job! The rest of his girls were meh. 

And #2.  The girl who recently quit the team showed up to "support" one of the other girls.  I don't think she got as warm of a welcome as she was expecting.  The team from her "new home" was at a comp this weekend, too - why didn't she go support them??

Our dressing room (the dance room) had a back door that opened out into the hallway near the backstage door and the front door opened to the hallway.  I was in the hallway, chatting with 2 of the girl's dads and the door busted open and 3 girls wearing funky white wigs and black/white body suits came running out, while several more came running around the corner and down the hall.  Steve had a look of horror cross his face - he said I'm paying a lot of money for costumes - please tell me that wasn't one of them!  Doug & I both started laughing.  They were apparently just taking a shortcut. 

This is what DOS does during breaks in the action!  It was a beautiful day out, so some tailgating happened!  There were hot dogs on the grill and possibly some canned adult beverages in one of the coolers (wink wink) This is classy, since other times we've been standing at the open back of someone's SUV - lol! 

So Angel's talking about doing one more year.  It'll be her 10th year at DOS.  Technically she's able to - the senior age group at all the comps I looked at is usually 17-19 and she won't be 19 until September.  But Kate, her duet partner for the last 2 years, is done after this year.  So she'll be the oldest girl on the team, even if she doesn't look like it. And she finally mentioned going back to school this fall - GASP!  So she'll be a busy little Sunshine, between work, school & dance.  Welcome to adulting! 

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