Friday, April 6, 2018

What's Up, Weekend??

It's Finally Friday!!!

It's been insanely crazy with a lot of ass-hattery at work this week and I'm happy to relax & listen to as little noise as possible!  

As usual, I'm linking up with Lindsay & Charlotte & Beth, aka the Peaceful Posse.  This is where we post about positive or happy or things we're grateful for from the past week. 
What̢۪s up, weekend?
Guess I'm going to go in the order of how Blogger posted my pics!  
Miss Angela trying out & being selected to be an alternate on the Inaugural Dance Crew at the local USPBL (United Shore Pro Baseball League) ball park!  She's pretty excited since there were close to 200 trying out and there was only about 30 or 35 chosen.  Being an alternate means she can dance at as many games as she wants, but she only gets paid for 2 per month.  The actual team gets paid for 12.   Her studio put on a great showing, since 3 made the actual senior team and 4 (that I know of) made alternates (idk about the juniors, tho!)    Now we have a reason to go to the games!
Adorable Easter cupcakes
Inappropriate Easter bunnies
 Snuggly cats when I wasn't feeling well. 
 My sister Laurie & I sporting our brand new Lapeer County Sheriff's Department, Mounted Division Search & Rescue (damn, that's a mouthful!) team sweatshirts!   This is going to be an interesting group to be involved in.  Besides playing with the horses, we have a bunch of FEMA incident and SARTECH training to complete, and they are recommending people get their amateur radio licenses!  I'm one up on the group there, since I was the only at the meeting last night already licensed.  
Being late to work thing morning because I stopped to take pictures of this old building.  I've been meaning to stop anyway, but it was 'never a good time'.  I don't know what made me take that route past there this morning, but as I sat at the red light I looked over at it and it was suddenly a good time to stop!  The light coating of snow just looked so pretty on it.  
My nephew and his wife finally announcing their happy news!   They actually told us back in early February but didn't want to make a big deal about it until she was further along.  And they already found out it's a boy! 

Tomorrow I'm going to a class at the local greenhouse on how to properly care for roses.  Let's see... Dad passed away in 2009 and either summer of 2010 or 2011, Mom let me dig up what I guess was a sucker off one of his beloved rosebushes and I have gotten exactly 1 flower off that darn thing! 
Finding a this hyacinth at Walgreens, of all places!   I've never seen such a color so I couldn't resist getting it.  Plus I love the scent!

What have you been up to this week?


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  1. Hey girl!
    Congrats on your daughter making the alternate team, that’s pretty impressive. She must be excited/proud of herself as are you, I imagine. :)

    Those are some pretty darn cute Easter cupcakes. I didn’t have any Easter shenanigans due to working all Easter weekend but that’s okay, I didn’t feel like a glutton come the Monday morning.

    Isn’t it nice to have a furry friend (or two) to snuggle with when you’re not feeling your best? My boys are perfect sick day companions. :)

    Still proud of you guys for getting on the mounted division. You and your sister look SO alike, too. :)

    Beautiful picture of that building. I stop all the time to take pictures, it’s ridiculous lol!

    Have a great week hun! :)


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