Monday, April 2, 2018

Competition # 2 in the books!

I better get this posted before the next competition rolls around!  

If you're new to my blog, I am also a very proud Dance Mom.  This is sadly going to be my daughter's last year competing with her second family, aka the Dancers Only Studio competition team.  Miss Angela has been with them 12 years and has been on the team since 2012.  She's been dancing since she was 4 and is now 20.   I'm going to be sad when this is all over!
There's one more competition of the season in 2 weeks, then the recital in mid June, and Nationals in Orlando in late June!

So every year, #TeamDOS has attended the Dance Force Xpress dance competition.  March 24 was this year's.  They get a medal based on points and then overall placements. 
Small Group Lyrical - Oceans
2nd place
Division Highest Points in Lyrical
Small Group Jazz - Control
3rd place
Division Highest Points in Jazz
Small Group Tap - We Found Love
High Gold
There has been talk about changing the song to the original version, which is much  more upbeat & appropriate to tap.  Sure hope so!!
Large Group Contemporary - We Help The People
High Gold
Hip-Hop Line - Girl Power
1st place
Division Highest Points in Hiphop
Sorry it's a bit washed out.  I was too busy watching and not paying attention to focusing!
Angela's Lyrical Solo - Joy
High Gold 
No official placement because she was the only 'adult' routine.


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