Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Last-Weekend Update - Friday the 13th

Yeah, yeah, Yeah - I know the weekend was ~~~~days~~~~ ago, but ya know, sometimes life happens and posting doesn't! 
When I left for work Friday morning, I couldn't help but hear that the local Air National Guard base (Selfridge, to the east of me about 10 miles) had flight ops happening.  
Yup - these huge-ass helicopters have a different sound than traffic or Coast Guard copters and you can hear them long before you see them.   
And they rattle the windows.   
They're really cool to watch fly over. 

We had a spur of the moment field trip Friday night to a haunted house!  We knew of 2 that were open just for Friday the 13th.   Miss Angela has been to Erebus in Pontiac, and suggested we try the "Friday the 13th Massacre" at the Exit 13 haunted House.  
I am so glad we went!  
Right off.....Exit 13!  Imagine that!
It was just the 3 of us that went - Me, Angel & my sister Laurie.  I had a good time, since I always call them Target & Target Jr whenever we do haunted houses.  The actors always go after them!
So there were 3 options for this haunted house.  The Weenie show where you could request a monster repellent glowstick to wear and that would signal the zombies, etc to leave you alone.  Then there was the regular "all ages" trip that we took.  Then there was the "Extreme" trip that there's no way in HELL I would ever do this.  You basically become a prop!  The website says "you maybe be restrained, fed, bagged, pushed, dragged, marked or covered in blood and/or other" and "this is a full contact show!"
These morons (they even pay extra for this privilege!) start out with their hands bound in front of them.  Which then get attached to hooks up on the wall!  We saw people with pillowcases over their heads, locked in little cages, eggs smashed in their hair, unknown stuff smeared across their faces, their shirts soaked in I don't know what - all sorts of gross things. 

We did the regular show.  I bought our tickets that morning, for a specific time, so even tho there were probably only 15 people in line we got taken first.  We already knew we'd get touched, etc but found out when we got in that we may be separated!  It was actually done quite brilliantly - they would manage to detain one of us while pushing the other 2 on.  And then we'd catch up to each other.

Not much happened to me, since I'm not a weenie like the other 2 are.  I got fingers stuck in my ears several times because I was bringing up the rear of our little group.  When I got held back - the girl who was no bigger than Angel (aka tiny) just stood in front of me and blocked the hall.  I could have picked her up and moved her out of the way.  When I got past her and went around the corner, there was Angel in the next room.  There was a hole in the wall and a guy on the other side had her around the neck pulling her thru the wall, so both of her feet were flailing in the air and another guy was coming at her with a chainsaw!  Once they saw me, they dropped her and came after me!  Another area, they herded us into a corner with a baseball bat pushed into my lower back.  That was the only snafu, since we didn't know where to go, and the next people caught up to us before I found the way out.  

At the end, Laurie & I got pushed out into the lobby while they kept Angel and all we could hear was screaming & chainsaws - guess there was 3 of them going after her.  Then the next thing we saw was this big guy come out, with a chainsaw in one hand, and Angel's ankle in the other, dragging her out into the lobby! 

I totally give it 5 stars, tho.  I loved the fact they were all original characters and as you went thru, (it wasn't really a maze, but more like a habitrail) you'd go thru different scenes with different scares.  The costumes & makeup were excellent.  Great details in the scenes, too.  I'm sure most people probably don't even notice the little details, but I did!  Excellent.    
As we got checked in, the guy asked Angel what size shirt she wore and gave her a little ticket.  So we're not sure why, but she got a free t-shirt.  But Laurie & I agreed that she deserved it! 

We wonder if it would be as fun in October.  We thought it was great this time, since there weren't a lot of people in line, so you didn't feel rushed (OK, unless chased!) and could interact with the ghouls and appreciate the scares before getting herded on.  


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