Wednesday, April 4, 2018

TBB asks - Spring!

Happy Hump Day, ya'll!  

I enjoy linking up with all the wonderful peeps at the Blended Blog  with their fun prompts.  

1.  3 colors that remind me of spring?  Light green, yellow and pink.  Or maybe I should go with cream, orange & purple since that's the colors of my crocuses in the lawn? 
2.   The first thing I add to my wardrobe in spring?   Brighter colors.

3.  First wardrobe item I ditch?   Ummmmm.  My black hoodie.  I don't avoid the colored ones or my sweaters because it's always really cold at work. 

4. I usually mow the lawn.  We have a double lot, so it's easily a 2+ hour job.

5.  I live in SE Michigan - so right now it's bipolar!   My sister & I went out horseback riding on March 18 and it was sunny & 50*.  Last night it was dumping rain with thunder & lightning and right now it's about 33* and snowing. 
6.  My favorite thing about Spring??  Let me make a list!  The longer days.  Seeing the robins & red-winged blackbirds return.  Baby animals.  Seeing green sprouts in my flower beds & on trees.  Flowers. 

7.  Spring cleaning?  HA!  I wish. 

8.  Nope.  No baseball fan.  Me Like Hockey and it's sadly winding down. 

9.  Ooo.  Do I really have to choose between tulips & daffodils?  I have them both growing out in my yard, along with hyacinths.

10.  Favorite outdoor spring activity?  Dinking around in the yard, cleaning up flowerbeds & the lawn, etc.  Going for walks. 

11.  Flowers in the ground or in pots?  My perennials are in the ground and annuals go in pots.  I like variety with my annuals so I choose different ones each year.

12. Favorite bird.  Hmmm.  Oh gosh.   I have a bird feeder outside my back window, so we get a lot of activity out there.  Doves, bluejays, juncos (but they should be leaving soon) wrens, swallows, cardinals, woodpeckers, starlings, etc.  It's hard to pick a favorite.  The cardinals, maybe?

13.  Car wash or hand wash?   I am perfectly OK with running my car thru a local car wash.  I like that it sprays the undercarriage since you can see the dirt roads above around my sister's house and I go there a lot!

14.  It's hard to choose a specific time when the sandals come out. Soon, I hope, but I know it'll still be a month or two.  


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