Sunday, April 22, 2018

Turn It Around 2018

Since it's been a week now, why not post about Miss Angela's last local competition of the season / ever?   

Saturday morning, as we pulled into the parking lot of the high school where it was held, "The Final Countdown" came on the radio.  I looked at her and commented about it being appropriate, but bittersweet at the same time.   

Turn It Around Tour is a talent competition.  There were a couple acting routines, a lot of vocal routines & some singing/dancing.  We just took dance, altho one of our girls did a vocal at the last minute.    The judges had a lot of Broadway background, so they really liked the dramatic, over the top routines and judged tap separate from the rest of the genres.  

I confess we were surprised at some of the outcomes, but in a good way!
 1st & 2nd overall senior small group jazz & lyrical
Control (platinum) and Oceans (platinum)  
Angel just told me there was .2 of a point between the scores for these. 
1st overall senior line
 Girl Power - high platinum (we didn't even know that was a thing!!)
But DOS took home 2 out of only 3 high platinums awarded that weekend.  
That is scoring between 97-100 points!  Girl Power got a 98.9!!! 
We heard the announcer say 'high" and we thought gold for sure, due to the mistakes we saw!  So our jaws dropped when we heard platinum attached to it!  It wasn't things that just we would notice - it was someone shoving her way thru a formation because she was in the wrong spot type stuff.  And when they throw Angel - it was weak and we didn't think they'd catch her. 
So like I said - surprised in a good way!
 1st overall senior tap small group
We Found Love (platinum)
The platinum floored us because it's um, not one of the most energetic or exciting tap dances they've ever done, with a not very exciting costume.   But the judges apparently liked it!  The 1st place was a gimme since they were the only senior tap small group (heehee)
 1st overall senior dance large group - contemporary
We Help The People (platinum) 
This one was another surprise.  There was another studio's senior large group contemporary right after ours and in our eyes - it was pretty awesome.  Our dance told a story, but they used a prop and it was very dramatic & cool. 
1st overall adult dance solo
Miss Angela - Joy (gold)
Pretty excited about this!  Angel actually had someone to compete against!  
But if you look at the actual results - Angel will be shown as 2nd place.  Her & this other girl actually competed on Saturday - as was listed in the program.  On Sunday, their small group hiphop teacher was there because that's when the small groups all went.  Miguel is an awesome dancer, so they talked him into doing HIS solo - more or less for fun.  So within 1/2 hour of talking to the director, Miguel was going on stage.  His was the other High Platinum that DOS got.  But since the trophies were already awarded, he only got the high platinum dogtag that they handed out.  You can see the grip Angel has on her trophy - they would have had to pry that out of her cold, dead hands! 
 TIA's Best Company - for the highest accumulated points in dance!
excited kermit the frog GIF
I'm so proud of this whole bunch!   They're such a great bunch of kids & teachers! 

Now for some fun shots...
I love how their teacher Gabby, looks like a drill instructor here! 
Here solo costume with black socks & Crocs - awesome!
With teacher Claire. 
Warming up before going backstage
Her grip has loosened somewhat, but she's still not letting it go!
Tap, freshly off stage. 
Warming up for jazz - they tried to practice this lift, but Gianna kicked the ceiling tiles and they all laughed & almost dropped her!


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