Wednesday, April 11, 2018

10 on the 10th link up - things in my car.

Woo, this is going to be a fun linkup, even if I am a day late!
Check out all the rest of the posts on Erin's blog at Simple Purposeful Living...

10 things that I have.....
 in my car!  
This is Ruby.  Original name, right?

 (tip your head to the right for these pics - I'll fix them later when I get home)

1.  Amateur (Ham) Radio.  You can't seem them in the above pic, but there are 2 extra antenna on Ruby, too. 
 2.  Yukon.  I'd only known the guy who would become my husband for about 6 months when I went on a trip to Alaska with him.  I got this little stuffed horse at a store in Anchorage.  He's wearing a US Navy t-shirt. 
 3/4/5.  Inside the glove box....  Armor All wipes that I clearly haven't used lately, due to vast amounts of dust everywhere.  Random chunks of horsehair.  Doggy poo bags.
No pics for the rest, since they're nothing unusual.

6.  Snow brush.   Not taking that out for a while - I just used it yesterday!

7.  Air freshener, jar of beads thingy.  Because Miss Angela & her feet / dance shoes ride in my car and I also take the dog to my sister's with me a lot. 

8. A copy of my dog tags hanging on the rearview mirror (the real ones are put away.)

9.  The emergency kit from Miss Angela's car that never made it into her new car after her accident in February.  I also have her snow brush.  Ooops!

10.  Stackable crates - they're smaller than a grocery basket, but bigger than a milk crate and I use them to keep grocery bags from sliding all over the back end of my car.   I'm currently missing one, since it's still filled with clothes and miscellaneous crap from Miss Angela's old car!  

Do you have anything odd in your car?  


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