Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Weigh In & stuff

I was pleasantly surprised with a 0.6 lb loss at my WW meeting tonight! Seeing as how I ate everything in sight while at my sister's for Easter, I was expecting the results to be really ugly...and my leader is the one who weighed me in! Talk about pressure! 

I did earn a much higher than usual amount of activity points this week - 39!! We went for a walk Saturday, Laurie & I went horseback riding Sunday and last night I spent 2 hours raking the front lawn. Once my hands & body stop hurting, I'll be ready to work on the back yard! 

I didn't track for crap, tho. So I'll count this week as a fluke and try my damnedness not to repeat this week in that way!

I really like my leader, Dez. Tonight she talked about attitude adjustment and I came to realize I really don't have any specific goals in mind when it comes to my weight loss journey. Other than to reach lifetime. Hell, I've been on this journey since August of '08 and have been within the same 4 lbs for the past year, just sort of drifting along aimlessly. 

Soooooo. I am at 212.5 lbs right now. Miss Angela's graduation from high school is June 6. I'd like to shoot for Onederland by then. That would give me 8 weigh-ins to drop 12.5 lbs. Or approximately 1.5 lbs per week. That's pretty ambitious but it gives me something to shoot for. 

Wish me luck!!

Selfie with Captain


  1. I do wish you luck! And great on the .6 with all the extra eating (and, yes, I'm sure what helped was the activity).

    I was on a plateau for almost 6 months and it was tough. One thing my husband (who is now lifetime at goal) says about long plateaus is to thing of them as a kind of practice maintenance. He knows whereof he speaks as he was on a huge plateau for months.

    I think what may help you is to identify what is keeping you on the plateau and address that. With my husband it was because he wasn't tracking his food (he claimed to track in his head). He didn't really like tracking on the WW site and he finally started tracking at MyFitnessPal. 6 weeks later he was at goal.

    For me, it was different. I track ALL the time. I haven't missed a day in over a year and a half. My issue was I let my activity slack and didn't really adjust the activity and eating for the fact that I had lost weight and so was burning fewer calories.

    1. I've been in the same 10 pounds for WAY too I'll have the maintaining down pat when it comes to that time. I either don't track for crap or I don't exercise for crap. I need to put it all together and things will move in the right direction.


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