Thursday, April 16, 2015

N (part 2) - Norfolk

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Brief and to the point - we spent just under 3 months in Norfolk, working on the submarines there, for whatever reason.  We didn't stay out the full 90 days, we assume because that would make a lot of extra work for the personnel department, adding sea service ribbons to every person's service record.

If that was the real reason, it backfired, since the ship earned the supply blue "Battle Efficiency" citation.  They painted a big ol' blue "E" on the bridge and everything.

It's hard to read, but it says....
The Commanding Officer, USS Canopus AS-34
takes pleasure in Commending
Postal Clerk Seaman Lisa M Lessig (glad that's not my name anymore - yuk)
USS Canopus Supply Department

for service set forth in the following

"For outstanding performance in Supply Department readiness, primary mission accomplishment and unique team achievement during the period of January 1993 - December 1993.  Your hard work, professionalism and exceptional quality of customer service resulted in the command receiving the Battle Efficiency Blue "E" for calendar year 1993.  You have distinguished yourself as a member of the best Tender Supply Department in the Atlantic Fleet's Submarine Force.  Remain "Proud to be Canopus". 

The trip there was a riot!  We hit some storms off the coast of Cape Hatteras, NC.  My friend Ginnie (another postal clerk) and I were hanging out in the post office after hours.  We had our feet up on the chairs and were rolling around the office with the movement of the boat.  We kept hearing a weird noise overhead.  So we went up the ladder outside the post office and opened the door to the main deck.  If this was a clearer pic (this one grabbed from the AS34 FB page) you could see the door was below and to the right of the blue arrow I added.  Anyhooo, that low area that the arrow is pointing to was called the missile break and the noise we heard were waves crashing OVER the missile break!  
Ginnie and I stood there like idiots (with mouths and door still open) and watched something like the Poseidon Adventure wave coming at us.  Of course we got drenched and spent some quality time mopping the ladder and landing at the bottom of it.  Guess we learned our lesson!  Keep the door shut.

I also got my first tattoo while in Norfolk!  Alas, it didn't age well so last May I got it covered up.  It was a red heart with 2 blue flowers and a scrolly thing and was a bit smaller than 3 dimes in a row. Who else can say they had 4 tattoos and now only have 3?  It's covered with the 3 beads.  After that experience, I'm really surprised I got any more!  The pain was excruciating when the guy colored in the heart!!  I started feeling dizzy and the moron told me if I was going to throw up, to go to the bathroom.  As soon as I stood up, I passed out and graciously took out several picture frames on the wall with my forehead as I went down!  Once I felt better, I had to let him finish since I wasn't leaving with a half-done tattoo!  Ya know, it probably only should have taken 20 minutes or so if it weren't for the drama.  It only took 90 minutes for the update! 

I was dragged to a country bar for the first time.  The Fifth Avenue Banque.  I grew up listening to country but in high school listened to rock.  So I was pretty scornful about going, but it ended up being a lot of fun and I was even convinced to learn to 2-step.  That was the beginning of many country dances & line dances that I learned.

Had a lot of fun.  I will never EVER again eat Funyuns - those fake onion ring chip things.  I was nomming on those at someone's house I met at the Banque,  while drinking a large quantity of Jack & Coke and it just wasn't pretty.  I'm pretty sure raw bacon and sour cream was also consumed.  There's a reason I don't drink much anymore!



  1. We loved our two tours in Norfolk although our times there were considerably less adventurous than yours!

    1. I would have done a lot more exploring but my only transportation was large & gray. So we had fun with what we could reach easily.


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