Tuesday, April 7, 2015

F - First in its class, third in the race

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February 5, 1995

We dropped anchor off the coast of San Diego in heavy fog, wondering if the helo coming in from the base was going to be able to find us.  A bunch of us were standing on the flight deck between the edge of the deck and the island in what is called the bomb farm (I'll give you one  guess as to what is usually stored there...)

Thru the fog, we saw a whole lot of sailboats.  And they were close.  We stared incredulously at them, like I'm sure they were doing back at us.

Yup.  We joined the America's Cup Yacht Race!
 First in its class, third in the race!



  1. Oh wow! Hey 3rd place is still a place!

    1. The picture on the front of the San Diego newspaper was even better - the name across the back of the boat was plainly visible.
      I know I'm crazy late with replying, but I promised to go back and answer every comment, so here I am!


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