Saturday, April 18, 2015

I am SOOOO behind!

Writing posts for the A to Z Challenge is moving along swimmingly!  I have both blogs written up thru "U" and ideas for the rest.  But I haven't visited hardly anyone!   Which means hardly anyone is visiting me!  So that's on tap for tomorrow.  Maybe I'll get some more posts written tonight and spend some time tomorrow just visiting & commenting.  Even my Bloglovin' feed had over 200 on it, sigh.

So today I had the afternoon to myself.  I went over to Mom's house to go on their weirdest, yet sorta neat historical tour ever.  Apparently back in the late 1910s, it was the most practical thing to order house kits.  So basically you'd open your Sears catalog and choose your style home, floorplan, paint colors, siding, etc, etc and fork out $500 - $2000 and wait for your house to be delivered in boxes and crates. So this tour was of the known and suspected kit homes in Clawson.
Mom thought we'd be on some huge-ass Greyhound bus for this tour.  She was shocked to see this 14 passenger Smart bus waiting for us!  Surprisingly, I was NOT the youngest person on this tour!  Another couple looked to be my age.  However the couple next to us had been married 77 years.  According to him, he was 194 years old and his wife graduated high school in 1792.  He was quite hilarious!

Randy is off doing radio contesting all day, and Miss Angela went to a friends birthday party, then over to the boy-interest's house for a bonfire.  They won't be home til later.  The dog is laying behind me, facing the door of the bedroom.  Guess he's being a guard dog?  Pfft.  If anyone came in the door right now, he'd wait til one of the cats went into the kitchen before he did!

Damn, when did I do a real post last?  Before Easter I'm sure. ~goes and looks~ yup! before the challenge even started!

Easter was fun.  Most everyone was over sister Laurie's on Saturday for dinner & coloring eggs.  But on Easter morning it was just Laurie, me & my fam & Mom.  We hid eggs 3.5 dozen eggs 3 times, just the 4 of us! Mom is a cheat.  She snuck out the front door and got 3 eggs off the porch before Randy finished hiding the rest!  Then Laurie & I went riding for a while.  Angel wanted to go, but I pulled rank on her.  She didn't need to be getting on a horse when it had only been a week since she partially dislocated her hip!
Laurie and I both had near-death experiences and no one else seemed to care!  Captain and I got stuck in quicksand and Laurie and Kisses got sucked into a bog and was almost eaten by frogs!  OK, not really, but it sounded good to us!  Captain stepped in a puddle and his back foot sunk really deep and Kisses acted up a little bit and slid off the edge of the road into the ditch.  We went back to the house and told everyone and Mom said that's nice - now hush, we're watching a movie!  WELL!!  I'm glad Captain didn't hurt his leg, tho.

Speaking of her hip - I took Angel in to the sports medicine guy.  He suspected a ligament had gotten strained and gave her the expected exercises to do.  We also had him look at her ankle where she sprained it back the end of January.  So her hip feels better, but the ankle still hurts.  At least she got a break from dance over spring break!  At class on Wednesday, her teacher pushed down on her shoulders while she was in the center splits and she went all the way down, so the hip is fine!

She didn't have the most exciting spring break trip ever, but it was better than sitting home, molding couch cushions to her butt.  A friend's parents show dogs and they had a show in Georgia and were taking their RV, so she went with them. They didn't get home til Monday afternoon which meant an extra day off school and dance.

Have you ever woken up and just felt grumpy?  One day, I yelled at the poor dog for getting scared at thunder & a BIG flash of lightning! This was first thing in the morning, like 6am!!  I had to bite my tongue to keep from growling at a coworker when she pleasantly said Good Morning to me. The evil eye was thrown at several people over the course of the day.  I REALLY wanted push bars on the front of my car to pit-maneuver all those idiots who drive under the speed limit. I didn't want to go home because it was a mess and I didn't want to deal with it. I got up the next day and our annual influx of carpenter ants had arrived in the kitchen. GRR!  I stopped at Tim Hortons and bit my tongue from screaming at the girl in the drivethru "I said COMBO" so yes, I DO want a drink & side with my bagel!  Then I got home that night and Randy had worked from home.  I saw his car in the driveway and growled to myself.  I managed to ask him decently if he wanted to go for a walk around the park with me.  That really seemed to help.  A nice afternoon in the sunshine.
The next day was Saturday. so I was out in Laurie's area checking out some old cemeteries.  It's beautiful horse / hunt country out there and a nice day to just wear a hoodie and be outside. Laurie met up with me to explore 2 of them that she wanted to see, too.  I went thru 6 all together.  I'm not weird.  They're very peaceful and the art & history is neat. I told her about my grumpy spell and she felt bad for intruding on me.  But it was nice to have someone else to talk to.  I'd gotten out of my snit by then.

Saturday night Randy & I went on a real date! Usually it's just dinner and then to Walmart or the Salvation Army, then home. Woo. We drove an hour out to Flint and had dinner at this amazing Italian restaurant (carb OD!) and then to see Colin Mocherie & Brad Sherwood from Whose Line Is It Anyway?  It was hilarious and those people who didn't believe it was all improv were totally proved wrong!

So apparently the 2nd dance team is still alive!  There are classes tomorrow for the Movement Project.  They're down to 5 girls - they lost 2 and gained a new one.  So even without Coach Jon tomorrow (he teaches at yet another studio and they're at a comp this weekend - he's a busy guy!) the rest are getting together to teach Kayla the dances for hiphop and pom.  And they're supposed to totally rework jazz and Angel's not happy with what is being planned.  So this shall be interesting.

She's got competitions the next 2 weekends.  They're ones we've gone to before so we know how they run and scoring and stuff.  Unlike the last one that was a cluster.  I spent several days over spring break cleaning her room, so she needs to make sure she's got all her costumes and accessories together.  I know that's something I would NOT have put in the 4 bags of clothes to donate (so far) or the countless bags of trash.

Welp. looks like I need to start heading over to pick her up from the boy-interest's house.  Yay!  I'm ready for bed.   Looks like no more blog posts will be written tonight, oh well!

Later, peeps!

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