Wednesday, April 22, 2015

S (part 1) - Steel Beach

Steel beach parties are a lot of fun!  I enjoyed one on both the Canopus and the Lincoln.  

These were actually fun events.  A lot of visiting and goofing off and FOOD.  On the Canopus we weren't allowed to wear civilian clothes, but we could just wear our white t-shirts.  The "Khakis" or highest enlisted and officers cooked and served the food this day.  

Me (my butt) & Ginnie and I'm not sure who the guy dancing with us is.  
 Deck Department's 1st Lieutenant on the left.  One of my favorite people!
Captain Glover - one of the most awesome commanding officers 
(tied with Capt Willard from the Lincoln!)
 One of the Chiefs dancing with buns
We hung out with friends.  This guy also proudly had a set of Star Trek uniforms.   
 The Three Amigos! Me, Laura & Ginnie. 

It was different on the Lincoln.  Bathing suits & civilian clothes were OK. 
People made and flew kites off the back of the ship. 
They played football & volleyball.   
I can't imagine much tackling happened - the surface of the flight deck is called non-skid for a reason!  It would probably remove a lot of layers of skin! 
 I posed by an F-14!
 Unless you were on duty, then you had to stay in uniform.  But food & tunes still happened. 

The one thing I'm sort of bummed about is I never got to experience a Swim Call.  The ship would anchor out and people could jump off.  Can you imagine??  I know I would have been scared shitless at first, but would have had to done it anyway. 



  1. Two great S experiences. I have a friend who just returned from three years in Singapore - what an amazing duty station that would be - they loved living there.


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