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S is for Sarah Rector

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Sarah Rector
(1902 - 1967)

Sarah Rector became a millionaire at a very young age!

Ms. Rector and her family had Creek Indian heritage and all received land grants from the Dawes Allotment Act shortly before Oklahoma became a state.  Sarah got 160 acres that her father leased to the Devonian Oil Company in order to raised money to pay the $30 annual tax bill.   Oil was struck and what started out as $300 a month income from the oil, became over $11,000 a month!!
By age 18, Ms. Rector owned stocks & bonds, a boarding house, a bakery, a cafe, and 2000 acres of good land.

As with anyone who comes into a lot of money there was misinformation, legal and financial struggle and of course the moochers.

While the Rector's were well-educated, lived in a modern home and owned an automobile, some claimed they were ignorant and wore rags and her estate was being mis-managed and squandered.
 Ms. Rector married twice and had 3 sons.  She passed away at age 65.


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  1. Her son's name are Kenneth Jr., Clarence, and Leonard Campbell. These are the kids she had with her first husband whose name is Kenneth Campbell.


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