Wednesday, April 22, 2015

S (part 2) - Singapore

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Singapore was the Lincoln's second stop on WestPac '95.  I happily got a lot more pictures than I did in Hong Kong.  Looking at a world map, I have no idea where we actually anchored at or where the liberty boats took us to, but we hopped on a cable car and went to Sentosa Island.

Greetings from Sentosa!
There was a 1.5 mile Dragon Trail that was really cool.
You'd walk on and thru dragon bones. 
One of the other Shenanigators about to be eaten...
 We toured WWII's Fort Siloso
 The cannon "shot" every so often.  
 We saw a crocodile farm.  These guys were destined to become boots or purses. 
  The scenery was pretty.
 I really liked this fountain. 

As I write these posts, I realize how much more I would enjoy this trip NOW, due to having the Interwebz at my fingertips.  I went to these places not knowing what neat stuff there was to see.  I totally missed seeing the Merlion!!  

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