Friday, April 17, 2015

O is for Odette Sansom

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Odette Sansom
(1912 - 1995)

Ms. Sansom was a spy born in France and moved to England later in life.  In 19412 she provided photos of France to the War Office and was recruited into the Special Operations Executive and worked as a radio operator in France, one of the most dangerous jobs due to the Gestapo being able to pick up radio signals.

She was betrayed by a double agent and taken to Fresnes Prision in Paris and onto Ravensbruck Concentration camp in Germany.  Despite horrible torture and long period of solitary conifinement, she refused to spill any information about other SOE members and maintained she was the boss of them all.

Ms. Sansom eventually won her freedom and went on to work for various charities attempting to lessen the pain of war.  Almost against her will, she was awarded the George Cross - the second highest award for valor in the UK.


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