Thursday, April 9, 2015

H (part 2) - Hong Kong

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Hong Kong (I posted H part 1 earlier today)

Hong Kong was the first stop the USS Lincoln made on WestPac '95.  It was a British territory at the time.  I wish I remembered more about what we did there, other than having to anchor out in the bay and take a liberty boat into shore.  We did a lot of walking.  The weather was crappy as you can see and people drove on the wrong side of the road (like the British do).   The people were really nice and loved the chance to speak English with an American.  One young guy in a shop thought I was a student because I was wearing my glasses. He asked if I was studying there, but I pointed down the mountain to the Lincoln you could barely see and told him that's where I was from.  He was shocked!
 from the liberty boat - seeing my first foreign country other than Canada!

I came home with a selection of cash again.  I wish I had more paper currency but the $10HK is still pretty neat. The coins are really fascinating.  The $10 coin is 2 toned, as thick as 2 quarters, but slightly smaller in diameter.  The $5 coin is larger than a quarter but smaller than a 50 cent piece and also very thick.  And the wavy $2 and 20 cent coins are neat!



  1. I always find it confusing to convert money from one country's system to the next!

    1. At least these were still dollars - just Hong Kong dollars. So it was pretty easy when shopping, and most places we stopped at had a place to exchange it.


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