Friday, April 10, 2015

I is for Isadora Duncan

Isadora Duncan
(c.1877 - 1927)

Ms. Duncan is known as the "Mother of Modern Dance". She was raised by her mother who had a great appreciation of the arts. By 6 years old, she was teaching 'movement' to other children in the neighborhood. She studied Greek mythology with her brother and from that she developed her style of movement. 

Ms. Duncan was invited to dance in the homes of the wealthy, barefoot and wearing flowing draperies inspired by Greek and Italian Renaissance paintings. She danced her own choreography and became a huge success in Hungary - with a run of sold-out shows in 1902.

Her approach to dance emphasized natural movement and the female form, which was controversial as ballet at the time was considered proper and conventional.

I wonder if Ms. Duncan would appreciate today's offerings of contemporary and lyrical dance styles? I think she would. 



  1. I've heard the name but I don't think I have seen her in anything before.

    1. Its a shame they didn't have the ability to shoot videos as easily as we do now - I would love to see her actual performances.

  2. Her pictures are full of grace. She must have been such a beautiful dancer in real life!


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